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Pacific Parrotlet: Taming & Training



General character of a parrotlet?

Pacific Parrotlets or "Pocket" Parrots can learn more than 15 words on and can "whistle" songs as well. Parrotlets have about the same speaking and whistling capabilities of a cockatiel. Pacific Parrotlets are very quick at learning commands such as "Step-Up" "I-love-you" "Pretty-Bird" and other small commands. Some Parrotlets can learn advanced tricks, but not as advanced as an Congo African Grey Parrot.


How often shall we "teach/train" our parrotlet?

Spending an average of 15 mins x 3 times daily with your Parrotlet will achieve the best results in terms of training your Parrotlet to have an acceptable level of friendliness with others, tricks, and speaking ability.


Will every parrotlet learn how to speak?

Having the ability to speak does not necessarily mean your Parrotlet will speak; it depends on the individual parrotlets personality and the owner who will spend his/her time training the Parrotlet.