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We have gathered just a few of the more than 800 Satisfied Customers who have submitted positive Parrotlet Testimonial Feedback & Reviews on the Pacific Parrotlet(s) they adopted from our aviary. More Parrotlet Reviews & Testimonial Feedback are available upon request.

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"Ce-Ce" & "Baby"

Here is a new pic of my cutie pies, Ce-Ce and Baby. They are still messy eaters. I couldn't love them more. Thank you so much for steering me towards these sweet sisters!

P. Alcala (California) May 22, 2012

Customer Update

Hi Parrotletbirds. I wanted you to see how cute these two cuties are doing. I did have to put them in separate cages, but they still are happy and happy when they are together outside their cages! I am so glad we got both of the girls! Love them so much!

P. Alcala Sept. 15, 2012


He's a hit here at our home. Can't get into Facebook on my computer. Saw your Congrats on my iPhone. Thanks! Seems to be missing his friends. Just got him a powdered blue cubby ha can snuggle up to. Took a short flight around bus room. Had him out approx. 10 min. Now back in cage and resting. He's wonderful. Thank you for your generosity in reducing the cost so I could get him. Take care. 

A.M. Steffen (California) 

Adopted: July 2013

Thank you so much for sending my daughter such a beautiful little Parrotlet! My daughter is already very attached to her. It will be a very well-cared, a very coddled and loved little bird. Lauren sent a picture of her the other day, and she is absolutely adorable!

Thank You Again!
Jeanette & Lauren M. (San Francisco, Ca)
August 20, 2010


Parrotletbirds is a very good Pacific Parrotlet breeder to buy from. I brought a Parrotlet a Dominant Blue Split Fallow Pied from him a few weeks ago. I named her "Mylie" I wouldnt have anything negative to say about him. He answers all your questions and the proccess was nice and simple. I would recommend him to someone interested in purchasing a Parrotlet.

M. Pecan - New York March 18, 2012



Both Parrotlet pair arrived in fine condition, very calm and settled in the shipping container. This was ABSOLUTELY THE EASIEST delivery I've ever picked up in 25 years of shipping and receiving birds and animals. Thanks for being a straight shooter and an easy purchase of quality parrotlet guaranteed paired birds. I would and will recommend anyone needing or wanting pacific parrotlets to your site.

Thank You Again,

Mike Rogers in Manteca

April 21, 2008 & June 20, 2008 - 2 orders placed


I do have to say I am so happy with my green parrotlet. I look forward to getting more Parrotlets from you, she is so tame and friendly and your pride in your birds shows, you truley care for your birds!! You have made my son so happy, She (Jerri the Parrotlet) sits on my sons trucks and he drives her slowley around the kitchen. It is neat to see them bond so much. Thank you again. I would recomend you to all my friends. You were a great help!

The McComb Family

Customer Update:

Thank you again for our Blue and Green Parrotlets. We love them and they have such cute personalities. We think they are being held more then they are in there cage. They are such a part of our faimly!!! We would totally refer you to my friends thanks again and I can't wait to get another one.

Customer Update:


How are you doing? Great Parrotlets we still love are so much they are part of are family. Still wanted to get the other one we can't wait.

The McComb Family-California (2011)


I have good news finally! We received the birds 2:00 a.m. and everyone is looking great! They were hungry and thirsty, but now they are running around peeping and throwing seeds everywhere! Thank you for all your help, they are beautiful!

Rachel Knapik (New York)

"Bella" & "Kiwi"

Hi Parrotletbirds,

Sheryl and I are having SO MUCH FUN with our new Parrotlet babies!!! We wanted to share an adorable picture we took of Bella and Kiwi meeting one another for the first time and having a fun day together. Lots of preening and cuddling. Too cute!!! Thank you so much for these precious beauties. We couldn't love them more! ♥ ♥ ♥

The Kammer Family & The Delgado Family Adopted May & June 2012



The Parrotlets you sent are BEAUTIFUL! And they're goofy! The blue male runs around the top of his cage... when I put my hand in the way he puts his head down and tries to plow my hand over! He's good about stepping up - such a sweetie! The pretty female is a riot, too. She's always hanging from the top of her cage by one foot. Or walking around upside-down trying to get some attention. The female lets me scratch her head and she loves her watermelon.

Thank you again,
Alexandra W. (Idaho)
September 28, 2010

Customer Update:

Dear Parrotletbirds,

We are planning on moving to Boise, Idaho at the end of July. We will be in Los Angeles beginning of August. If you think the Parrotlet would be ready to ship by the beginning of July, then I would prefer that you ship.

Also, the two Parrotlets I bought from you previously have had three babies hatch so far. They all seem to be doing well so far.

Thanks again for the wonderful parrotlets and your great customer service!

Alexandra W. (Idaho)

June 15, 2012





My experience with Parrotletbirds was very good, Parrotletbirds kept me updated and made sure everything with the Parrotlet and shipping days the way I wanted it. Also they keep helping you after you receive your bird and give you instructions; which is great for first time bird buyers. 

I did read a review before I ordered Tobbie (my bird). It concerned me, but I went ahead and ordered him anyways. Nothing like what that customer described happened. Tobbie came in a nice sized crate, very well sealed and padded with all of his info. He was just fine when he arrived. When he got home he ate,drank water, and even played with some of his new toys. He is very healthy unlike what that what that customer described.  

I would definetly recommend Parrotletbirds to anyone, they were great. 

Anyways thank you so much for my beautiful and healthy baby Parrotlet. He has seemed to be just fine since I brought him home yesterday. He is eating drinking and talking a lot, with my other two birds in the other room. Thanks Again!

Antimo (Texas) April 13, 2012

Customer Update: 

My American Yellow Parrotlet, Tobbie, is doing great and is getting along quite well with my other birds. Tobbie and my other Parrotlet love to clean each other and play outside of their cages. Thanks so much. 


Thank you so very much ParrotletBirds. Both are well and She is a sweetheart too. We love our new babies.
Thank You! 
Elizabeth & Jason (Idaho)
August 21, 2010


The parrotlets are doing great! The little blue ("Kiko") stayed a bit naughty, but he is now living with the oh so wonderful "Soleman" (Green Male) at my daughters boyfriends house. He is very good with the birds and Kiko seems to really like him! He lets them hang out in his room, sings to them, and plays with them all the time. We kept "Tiki" (American Yellow) and he has become my daughters little pal. He even hangs out with her when she is getting ready every morning. Thank you for the opportunity to add some great little buddies to our ever growing family of animals!!
Thank You,
The Shipp Family (Nevada)
August 20, 2010

The Parrotlets are doing great and everyone is happy and healthy.


Thank You.

Jordan Smith (Orlando, Florida) 

October 19, 2009 



Just wanted to let you know, he is fine and eating like a maniac. A few veggies, the pellets egg food, and drinking water. He has only been here for about 7 hours!!! Smart as hell. Navigating around his cage and chirping. Held him about 10 times tonight and has done great about stepping up on my finger. What an amazing little animal! Glad you clipped his wings for me. I know what to do now. He comes to the cage door when I walk by. Still cannot believe how smart this little bird is! It is amazing.

Robert Battles (Springfield, Massachusetts)

Thank you so much for sending my daughter such a beautiful little bird! My daughter is already very attached to her. It will be a very well-cared, a very coddled and loved little bird. Lauren sent a picture of her the other day, and she is absolutely adorable!

Thank You Again! 
Jeanette & Lauren M. (San Francisco, Ca)
August 20, 2010


They are doing great by the way, they are chatty all the time and love being here, I named them "Tico" for the boy and "Tia" for the girl. They know their names so well that if you do not say hello when you come home they screech at you, it is the funniest thing. They love being out and about and they play well with the dogs.Well Thank You for everything. 

Thanks Again,

Kim M.

My little Dominant Blue Split Albino Pied Parrotlet is just thriving and loves to lie upside down in my hand while getting his chin scratched. Really wonderful.

Thanks So Much.
T. Murdock (California)
April 15, 2010

My name is Melissa I live in Washington State I purchased a pair of parrot lets. I am pleased with the service and interaction throughout the purchase process there was constant contact between me and the company very kind and accommodating wonderful prices and amazing quality birds I am so impressed and plan to do business again with this company.

Melissa H. (Tacoma, Washington)


I don't think I could trust anyone else with purchasing a parrotlet from other than Parrotlet Birds. They are fast, smooth, and very efficient, not to mention serious about business yet easy as ever to work with. If anyone were to ask me about purchasing a parrotlet and where to get one I would immediately and undoubtedly recommend these people. My bird is healthy, still getting used to her new home so still shy and somewhat territorial about her cage. However I am sure that will pass considering how well behaved she is once she is out of her cage and interacting with others. It is clear that these birds are clearly tamed and hand-fed and raised the right way from the start for anyone who wishes to own a parrotlet and enjoy one especially. I thank you again Parrotlet Birds and hope to do business with you again if any regarding a Parrotlet at all!

A. Contardo (San Diego, California)
March 7, 2010

My son named our little green Parrotlet Tweety and she is a fabulous addition to our family. She will watch TV with us and sit in the palm of our hands and just raise a leg and fall asleep. It is quite endearing.

Thank you for our little Tweety

Jerry J. (Canyon Country, Ca)


Blue Pacific Parrotlet


Just got home and put our new parrotlet in his cage. We named him Taz, and he's just the sweetest little thing. He rode most of the way home on our shoulder, played with my bracelet and seemed to enjoy looking out the window. What a beautiful blue color he is, just what I was looking for. I want to thank you for going so much out of your way to get the bird to us. You genuinely care about your birds, this is evident by all the care and instructions you gave to us and the follow up about the right seed. He is a happy little fellow and today I'm going to the pet store to get him some toys as he is so curious and playful. He is eating just fine and we are very happy to have him.
Jean and Dennis
P.S. I wasn't sure how to put this in the testimonial part of the website so if you want to do so that is fine. Attached are photos of Taz resting after playing with us.

Customer Update:

Taz our Blue Parrotlet we bought from you in LA back in March. Taz is dong well, shares millet with the 2 parakeets once in a while. He has his own cage which he plays in all the time. He is a friendly, sweet bird. Thanks!


Customer Update:

Taz is spoiled and thinks the whole netted gazebo is his outside cage.

                                            "Taking his morning bath"                               "Grooming after his morning bath"

Customer Update:


Taz goes out with us every morning for ½ hour while we have coffee and read the newspaper. If it's not too cold on winter days or raining too hard we will still take him out. Yes, he is spoiled and likes his routine, my husband also scratches his head for ½ hour before his bedtime. That's more than he does for me!

Dear Parrotletbirds,

My name is April and I bought "Mateo" from you in January 2008. I just wanted to let you know he is doing fine, and is a great little bird. He is molting right now and can be a little pain in the butt with nipping, but is still a sweet bird. He really acts like a big Parrot in a little body! Mateo loves to wake me up at the crack of dawn (like a rooster) to let me know its time to wake up and get my fresh veggies and fruit. (HE IS SPOILED). He loves his blue sleeping hut. His cage is his castle and lets everyone know from my yorkie (who he is not scared of) to my family. Everyone thinks this is funny, but he is cool once he is out of his cage on my finger. He has bonded with me and will turn his head upside down to let me scratch his little molting head.
Parrotlets are great little birds that make good pets. It's a change from my cousin's green wing Macaw who I had for 4 months that just would scream & scare the heck out of me. I think it's best to start out with a smaller bird and work your way up.

I am glad I got little Mateo; and I am planning to get another one soon. OH, I had a little mirror in his cage that he bonded to. I had to take it out because he got a little mean when I first got him. After that he became buddies with me; and will chirp and whistle when I leave and come home. He's really curious and not scared of anything! Thanks again and good luck with your birds. I'll let everyone know about your birds.
April Gooding - California
Actress/Comedian (Cuba Gooding Jr. Sister)

"The Shishido's Family Parrotlet"
 (Green Split Blue & Yellow Parrotlet)


She's a wonderful little bird. At night, I cup her in my hand while she nestles. Perfectly tame, and perfectly sweet. She's social too; she's not afraid of new people. I've already taken her shopping with me and to appointments. She is also so pretty! Her plumage is perfect and her feathers tight; she actually looks better than the picture, and she was cute in the picture. Thank You.

T. Shishido (California) March 18, 2010

I have named her after my birthstone, month of August, ''Peridot'' the stone is emerald green in color. It only took her 1 day to become king of her cage. I open the cage door when I come home from work and let her take her time in coming out. She takes about an hour. Than I put her on my shoulder, and she walks all around my neck. When it bugs me too much. I put her inside my shirt, and she calms down

Thank you for getting her to me!

Bill Vaughan (Cali)

Parrotletbirds is the best aviary I have done business with. They really worked with me on what I was looking for and how much I was looking to spend. They made sure I got what I wanted. As for shipping, awesome. The carrier was setup with a layer of wood chips for the babies and made sure they had enough millet and veggies for the trip. The baby's are doing wonderful and they are nice and healthy. Thank you so very much. I will definitely be doing more business with them and I highly recommend them to everyone that you should check them out. Thanks again guys!

B. Ebare (MI) - Around the World Aviary & Rescue - August 29, 2010

Thanks for all of your assistance and help. My Parrotlets are doing great and they are in perfect feather and health. I appreciate your fast responses to my questions and all of the assistance you provided in helping me select my Parrotlets. All six of my Parrotlets arrived (via air travel) healthy and are doing fantastic. If I am ever looking for more of these fun guys, I'll be contacting you.

Ms. T. (MO)

The Coll Familys Collections 

We love our new little companion. Lulu (my blue female) is adjusting really well and she is really starting to show more of her personality...what a smart girl! "Thank You!!! We are in love already.


Thank you,

The Coll Family (Washington)
July 10, 2010

Customer Photo Update:


I just wanted to Thank You for all of your advice and help while I tried to decide which color Parrotlets to buy. You always took the time to answer all my questions on the colors. When I went to the airport to pick up the birds everything went so smoothly. The birds were beautiful exactly what we discussed. I have many hours of amusement watching them. If you go into the room at night and put the light on you will notice that sometimes they are hanging from the top of the cage like a little bat.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in baby Parrotlets and if I decided to purchase more you would be the only person I would get them from.
Thanks again for all of your time, help, & advice!
Nancy R. (Bayshore, New York)
May 5, 2008

All Parrotlets are doing well and settling in. “Celine” the blue female is the nicest one I think i’ve gotten from you. Four orders later (pairs and babies) I think its what over a dozen i've bought already i think? Lol.

Celine plays with her toys, loves the hamster wheel and swing too. She is settling in and all are eating well. I do the step up, give kisses, and scratch and rub her. When I put her back in the cage it almost looks like shes pissed off!! Very cute though.

She knows whats coming when I uncover the cages when I come home. She was going to go to the girls upstate as a gift, but i'm keeping her for myself. They are coming down tomorrow to sleep over so they will get to play with her.

I will get them to clean the cages, change the water dishes and all that and see how they do. They just got a dog as well.

Kevin K. New York, NY (4 Orders)

The blue I got from you (penelope) is happy and healthy and already very bonded with our male (petie). Hopefully, you will be able to help guide us through the breeding process when penelope is ready to breed.


My birds are doing great. I am looking forward to breeding them next spring. Their names are Cleopatra and Austin. My 4 year old named them after people from Austin Powers movies. They are very picky eaters. They have their favorites and they pretty much stick to that. Thanks again for the great birds.

Anita Foy (Washington)


Dominant Green Split Yellow Pied Parrotlet

Thank You so much! This baby is really a cute and sweet little boy! We are so happy with him and thanks for doing what you do and making it possible for us to have another Parrotlet! We appreciate everything You have done ... Our new baby is a complete joy to us ... In the mean time we have been calling him "Baby" and this little "Baby" already knows how to Wolf whistle! He is a smart and happy little Guy!! I hope all is well with you and yours...Your photos of the Parrotlets are all so very beautiful !!!

Take Care,

Ruby (Arizona) - 2nd Purchase

Great prices, Great Birds, Great Health Guarantee! Excellent Service. You are the best. I purchase a Parrotlet from another breeder which was not as nice as yours! You are fantastic! Call me if you need refs for future customers. I love "Giggles"


Laura Sliwa (Ohio)

November 25, 2007

Please let me thank you for the Parrotlets you have sold to me The color and the quality of the feathers, toes, eyes etc were clear and beautiful. The service was excellent. You always got back to me when I emailed you and your knowledge of these birds was like no other.

You were very informative of each bird and their breeding do's and dont's. What I liked best about dealing with you was your patience and kindness while deciding what color Parrotlet I wanted. You helped explain why I would want the color I chose. Your breeding knowledge was very informative and you shared like no other. Thank you Safe breeding is better than NO breeding.

Thanks again for your patience, kindness wonderful sharing of knowledge of my beautiful white Parrotlets. many more in the future. Thank You Again.

D. Farrow (Rhode Island)

I have the birds, and they seem to be OK. I just wanted to let you know that I had them. Again, thank you for your patience while I was in and out of hospital. I'm glad I can enjoy these birds now.

Jim W.

Thank you so much for the pictures. I appreciate it very much. My Parrotlet which I named Tommy is doing very well. Tommy loves to go underneath my hair and stay there for hours. He's such a cute Parrotlet. Thank you.

Fong L. (California)
July 18, 2010

My name is Billy. I'm a Pacific Parrotlet breeder in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I have recently bought several pair of genetically sound and healthy Pacific Parrotlets from Parrotletbirds. His expertise was critical in the upgrading of my flock. The shipping arrangements were made smooth as he promised. I am delighted with the results of the entire experience at Parrotlet Birds. 
Yours Truly,
Billy Soloman (Florida)

Thank You so very much, they are awesome and beautiful, I am extremely happy and I think they are finally glad to be settled. will keep you updated on how Frankie and Sissy are doing. Again, Thank You so very much, they are worth every penny and then some.


M. Kernler (West Bend, Wisconsin)

July 12, 2008

Super Parrotlets.

I purchased 5 pairs of all colors and 2 male singles. of which all were shipped very nice and neat! I actually love the stomer shipping container you ship with. I am getting my husband to copy them for my shipments. I love your prices, quality, and attention to customers. You’re the best. On a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 12!!! Maybe 13. Well give me a call when you have more special pricing on pairs. I am interested in another 5-10 pairs in the next couple months, but right now I have my hands full with the lovely Parrotlets you sent me.

Erin & David Moore (P&E Bird Hut - MO)

My Blue Pacific Parrotlet Male is doing fine. He is a bit shy but he is starting to come out of it and adjust to surrounding. Thanks Parrotletbirds for a great experience. I will keep you posted how he is doing.

K. Jackson (California) September 18, 2010

I purchased 2 pairs of parrotlets from parrotletbirds.com. Both pairs very nice sized birds and wonderful coloring! Being a breeder myself I try and be careful who I buy from and want the same nice stock that Parrotletbirds.com has. They did everything they could do to help with the pairing and the genetics of the various colors. If you are looking for a pet or a breeder, I would highly recommend this company.

Christy Caronis RRT, RCS (Ohio)
November 18, 2009


What more can I say? nice quality birds and you gave me an excellent price on my package deal. All 11 pairs are doing fine. In fact, the pied pairs you sold me are actually better looking in person then in the pictures you emailed me. Thanks so much. I don't make much money, but all the money and time (effort) I did spend on this transaction was well worth it. Would you download those papers you suggested? Also I have taken a couple pictures to show you the offspring from the pairs you sent me (those are offsprings from your pairs except for the two blues on the left). If you need any further feedback or what not email me. I'm So happy!

Monica Chiem (Austin, Texas) June 16, 2008

Just wanted to send you some pictures of the birds! We LOVE them! They are very friendly the little blue one sat on my hand for 10 mins. yesterday they are so sweet! Thank you for everything!

Elisheva D. (Winsor, CT)
February 28, 2008

Parrotlet arrived safely and in great condition. Wish I looked that good after a cross country flight. He is really beautiful.Thank you so much.

Tina M. (West Virginia)

Your Pacific Parrotlet is absolutely adorable, he seems healthy and is a total riot, he’s such a real goofball, but he is also very sweet, thank you!

B. Szul (Illinois)

We purchased two Parrotlets from you. We are loving them. Both are so sweet and healthy! We have a question and I have lost your phone number. The question is how do you pronounce Parrotlet? What syllable is the emphasis on?  Par or let?  We are having a bet.

Samtosa, Carlo - San Diego, California


Hi, How have you been? We named our blue parrotlet, Jimbay. He is very active and loves to play outside the cage. He explores a lot in our living room floor, then he runs back to us when we call his name, which is super cute!! He also loves to be preened by us. He is such a sweet baby boy. Thank you so much for the chance to meet him and all your dedicated advices!!

Best wishes,
Naho & Igor - California
August 2010

P.S. I uploaded some Jimbay's videos on Youtube.


Bella-Blue is home and so beautiful! She is doing well. On the way home she was already eathing millet and just curiously looking around. We are giving her time to recover now and followed your instructions. Thanks you for such a beautiful Parrotlet bsby. 

The Morris Family (IN) Oct. 16, 2012

The pair arrived in brilliant & wonderful shape. They are beautiful, happy, well-adjusted and getting used to their new surroundings. While transporting them they ate and "chatted" so I knew they were in good form. Thank you again for these lovely birds.

Thank You & Take Care.



(Blue Pacific Parrotlet)





Wally is getting comfortable in his new home and he LOVES his little tent! He appears healthy and happy. He sat on my finger today and "stepped up". I know he's going to be a lot of fun.


Thank you so much!

M. Martin (Virginia) March 7, 2010

 Watch "Dewie" on Youtube

We decided to name our Blue Male Dewie. We love this Parrotlet so much that we would like to add him to our site as a link with your permission and also publish to U-Tube. We Love Our Bird. 


Thank you,

The Quinn Family (New Jersey)

All 3 parrotlets purchased are in good feather and good looking birds. I feel you know your birds. They look great.

The Ulmer Family (Missouri) April 16, 2010



(Blue Split Yellow Parrotlet)

I was hoping to find out how many eggs were in the clutch with Jacky (#715). I took him for a 'new pet' check up and he's well and healthy of course...But it's good to know the vet and everybody who handles him loves him. He's really becoming a great bird. He talks (mind you not to me for some reason but everybody else that handles him gets to hear him show off his vocabulary) And he's quite the cuddler in the evening. When he's ready to relax he'll scoot as close as he can to my neck or under my hair and snooze, and there's no complaints from this guy about having his head scratched. Spoiled rotten I tell you.

Jennifer M. (California)

Thanks-a-million, Parrotletbirds,

Comit and Luna are settling in. Of course, they are nibbling a bit on their millet spray. They are beautiful and the family is thrilled.

 L. Waldner (Washington,  March 10, 2011

The parrotlet is doing great and it was 1/3 of the price the pet store was asking. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to meet my request on short notice. I highly recommend Parrotletbirds because of your great service knowledge and pricing.

Adam Oaks (Miami, Florida) September 5, 2009

Thanks for your help getting me my new replacement parrotlet. You are very professional and nice.

Tiffany D. McCain (Missouri) - August 5, 2009

Things are going just ok…I think your service is great--good prices, you were willing to meet with me to transfer the bird into my care and that it's a very healthy bird. You obviously know what you are doing!


L. Duvall (Beverly Hills, California) 

January 22, 2008


My baby parrotlet birdie is adorable and I love him. His name is "Blu" either spelled "Blu" or "Blue" haven't figured that out.

I will have many questions, but for now I am learning as I go. He's extra curious about my small dogs. He must think your dogs are Buffalos and my dogs are Rabbits. When I get into the groove I will start taking pictures and send them along to you.

It was great to meet you, you are quite the Smart Entrepreneur.

S. Shaffer (California)October 2011

Everything is great. Thanks for being open with the shipping process. Thank You.

Dan Bernstein (MA)

February 28, 2008